Mzungu helps African founders to access venture capital

Ok, let’s get serious!

What started as the fun project “Hire A Mzungu” really seems to hit a need. So far I got about 20 inquiries that look serious enough to consider. Sometimes even desperate. Heads up to everyone!

Thanks to those offering drinks or coffee for a meeting, but I won’t shortcut this process. At some point we might have a meeting. Til than: I’ld like to read your business plan.

Big thanks to all lady founders reaching out. Kindly be advised we’re talking biashara only. I’m open for Kenyan love language though. To the few guys that tried to be even more funny than me or trying to mock me in their messages: get a life!

Anyway: I need to take it to a next level. Forget about the Basic and Advanced Mzungu packages. I’m willing to put everyone on the Individual plan by default and for a start: pro bono! The minute we enter a serious stage of work we will agree on a rate. If you reach out you have to have a business plan. Promise: I’ll have a look on ALL of them. Therefore: the only way of reaching out to me is via the contact form on the website. No exceptions. I am willing to invest my time, I expect your commitment. Your business plan should have at least a clear idea of the market, some words about competition, budget plan for investments and running costs and a clear strategy that distinguishes your business idea from others.

What you can expect: proper advise from a 40+ year background in various sectors, industries, company sizes and esp. in tech. To shape your business plan, get it to the next level and may be even good enough to receive funding. Consider me your sparring partner. If you’re lucky I might know someone who knows someone, … that might help you even better with your specific problem or in your sector. If you are even more lucky we might find some money. So far we’re talking of chances like hitting a jackpot!

Call out to my fellow mzungus that want to get hired: I would love to scale this business. If you want to support me in supporting founders feel free to contact me. So far I can only promise hard work and most likely no earnings. Speaking of money (and to give proof of my assumption) – Call out to potential investors, venture capitalists and benefactors: I would like to setup a fund to support the best of ideas. We’re mostly not talking of millions of $$. Sometimes not even in KES.